Due to the Covid epidemic, all the classes are conducted on line by Zoom
on Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm.

SAMYAMA – Meditation

Concentration, Meditation, Blissful state

SAMYAMA is the deepest level of inner evolution by various ancient yogic techniques from realised masters of India around 3000 years ago.
SAMYAMA is inner process with silence to create well balanced mind and being with your Self. It can be done minimum 2days to 5 days.You will be initiated also powerful ancient techniques for every day practices in your daily life to keep your inner balance steady and increase your health and inner strength.
SAMYAMA practices are necessary to apply in your daily routine to obtain full desired results and to the transformation of your life.

Brings clear understanding on nature of the Mind and create the positive life
Reduces negative thoughts
Increase your positive visions
Clarity of Mind evolution
Bring you out of Stress
Depression free Mind
Increase of mind Peace
Increase of Health
Increasing the level of confidence in Life.
Unconditional love and compassion will develop.

Sri Tselva is born in South India and grown up in mystic place and was initiated various ancient techniques by several realised masters. Now he feels deep from the heart to share those yogic process for inner well-being in the form of SAMYAMA. 

Square des Nations 13, Bruxelles 1170 – Watermael Boitsfort

10.30am – 1pm

Every sunday.

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